We export unique products to the world by utilizing our bases in Japan and other Asian countries. We provide maximum support for our clients' businesses, not only in terms of merchandise, but also in terms of content and IP development, as well as consulting and agent services for entering the Japanese and Asian markets.

  • 01 Buying and Exporting Japanese Merchandise

    We discover and export to your country Japanese products such as popular Japanese food, toys, baby products, fashion products, and other items that have not yet reached overseas markets. For individuals, we operate Japan Sakura Base, an e-commerce website.

  • 02 Consulting and Agent Services for Entering the Japanese and Asian Markets

    Are you considering doing business in Japan or Asia, where our headquarters is located? We provide multifaceted support for your business, from market entry support to utilization of local alliance network and product distribution services.

  • 03 Japanese Language Business Network

    Hideki Nakamoto(CEO) is planning to expand our Japanese language education network to 50 countries around the world as a Japanese language instructor. If there is a demand for "Japanese language education" or "Japanese language learning" in your country, please contact us.

    -Japanese language, cultural contents, history, business, Japanese marketing -English Language Support


SBJAPAN Inc. was founded in Japan in 2007. With the concept of marketing the town, we are in the business of expanding local products in Japan and Asia to for_english markets. Contact us as a reliable partner in Asia!

Company name SB JAPAN CO,. LTD.
Japan Head Office Ginza,Chuo-ku,Tokyo
Representative Nakamoto Hideki
Establishment June, 2007
Corporate group SB JAPAN CO,. LTD.
Travel Tech Association
[Vietnam]96 Hoang Van Thu street, 07 Ward, Vung Tau city, Viet Nam
[Indonesia] Harmoni Area, Central Jakarta, Indonesia


I have been involved in the tourism industry for nearly 25 years through publishing and other means. Since I was a child, I have always loved to travel. When I see a map or a train route map, I always want to go straight to an unknown place. At the same time, I love to create something from scratch even if it’s difficult to do so.

For nearly 15 years, I have participated in about 30 projects per year for local governments for community development. However, I could not curb my global enthusiasm after the pandemic spread to the world from 2020, and in July 2010, I established 8 offices in Asia, starting with the Taiwan office.

In Asian countries, I operated the retail business "JAPAN SAKURA BASE" and experienced exporting 4,000 pieces of fashion products per month and importing/exporting containers of fashion products utilizing my previous experience, which made me feel the potential of Japanese products and services.

To go to 100 countries in the world and expand business in 50 of them. To expand Japanese cultural contents, I obtained certification for a Japanese language instructor and have 10,000 students around the world. Travel around the U.S. (Route 66, etc.) by car! August 2011 - to be decided Celebrate his 50th birthday in Antarctica.

We are currently focusing on the U.S. and Australia, but we also offer networking opportunities in Japan and Asia.Please feel free to contact us if you need a good business partner.

Hideki Nakamoto (SBJAPAN,Inc. CEO)


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