Company Profile Company

Company Name SB JAPAN Co., Ltd
Established June 26th, 2007
CEO Hideki Nakamoto
Headquarters 185-2-1F,
Miyaura Kiyama-cho,
Miyaki-gun, Saga-ken 841-0204 Japan Miyaki-gun, Saga-ken,
841-0204 Japan
(Weekday Only)
Tokyo office 2-8-7, Yaesu, Chuo Ku, Tokyo To, 104-0028, Japan
(Diagonal Run Tokyo 4F)
(Weekday Only)

Corporate philosophy

Creation of Seamless World through Collaboration for NEW GLOBAL TOURISM

Now is the age of enormous information coming up daily, which makes things and services more various day by day.
Each of us are trying to find out the better way of life not to “drawn” in the sea of information,
our society. We put fucus on extracting fascinating point in local area and sensing the trend of
the times so that we can offer WHOLLY CREATIVE TRAVEL TOURS, taking to our heart,

Business lineup

1. Information Business

  • Minna no Kanko Kyokai (Japan Travel Info)
    Posting Website of Event and News for Tourism In Japan
  • Leisure Me! Custom
    API Services for promoting local Tours

2. Global Business

  • TripTip
    Posting Website of Event and Cultural information for Tourism
  • Minna no inbound
    Interview & Development Support Services from Foreigners
    and International Students Living in Japan

3.Region Business

  • SanPin Ouen E-Commerce 「reco」
    Posting Website focusing on Local Special Products

4.Local Promotion

  • Promotion Activities for Tourism of local areas

5.Network Business

    Online Guide Service of the glamour of Japan by Foreigners living in Japan
  • Business Process Outsourcing
    Acting Operating Services of tour companies with chatting, mailing and video calling